Fumigation and Pest control

Pest Control Services Uganda

We focus on delivering high quality & effective fumigation and pest control services to all our clients. With service-oriented mind-sets, our team at Cjay home solutions have all the qualified skills & expertise to help protect your home or business from the complications of pest infestations.


This is one of the best techniques to get rid of pests and certain insects in your property. This helps to remove small mammals, rodents and insects from your property. However this involves lethal liquids, vapors and smoke to kill pests inside homes, structures and fields. Different chemicals are used for fumigating your property may include the following; Magnesium Phosphate, Methyl Bromide, Sulfur Fluoride, Calcium Cyanide.

Pest control

This refers to the control of pests in the society without no elimination and using pesticides to kill them. Pests are known for their extreme adaptive capabilities to destroy crops in the society. Some of the examples of the common pests include fleas, myriads, bedbugs, rodents and many more. Pests can also be controlled through the local way of scare crows in open fields.

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We are experts at terminating insects and pests such as roaches, fleas and ticks from your home, office or business premises.